Which categories are covered?
System1 Ad Ratings currently covers all TV ads across 100 commercial categories in 8 major sectors: automotive, financial services, food & drink, home & personal care, pharmaceuticals, technology, telecommunications and charity/non-profit, in both countries.

Which countries are covered?
System1 Ad Ratings covers TV ads in the United States and United Kingdom.

How many ads are there in the database?
We track approximately 3,000 ads in the UK and 15,000 ads in the US per year. We currently have over 29,000 ads in the database so far.

How long is the historical backlog?
Our United Kingdom database starts in December 2016 and our United States database starts in May 2017.

What do I get with a subscription?
You'll have access to all the data for all the ads, from all the brands, for the category you subscribed. Each category includes on average 70 ads per year, and your subscription covers anything that airs from now on, as well as the full historical data.

What measures can I see as a paid subscriber?
As a subscriber to creative-level data, you have access to the following metrics for all ads in each category you purchase:
Star Rating: Long Term Profit Potential
Spike Rating: Short Term Effectiveness
Feeling: Second by second emotional profile of the ad
Fluency: How well branded the ad is
*Note that for some historic ads tested before June 2018, only Star Rating and Spend will be available

Are there any connections to real world metrics?
Yes, in addition to survey data, we also have spend data. We're showing spend versus Star Rating and running other analyses within the dashboard that take spend into account.

How often is the database updated with new ads?
We're testing ads every single day and updating the database daily to make sure you have access to the freshest data on the most recently aired ads in your category.

Can I access detailed diagnostic data for all the ads in the database?
We've started collecting Ad Feeling and Ad Fluency diagnostic data for ads airing since March 2017, and we will include it for all ads we'll test in the future. For any ads that aired before this, you'll have access to the individual effectiveness metrics (eg Star ratings), but not the other scores.

Are the ads rated by a panel of experts or by consumers?
Ad Ratings recruits 150 consumers to evaluate each ad using online questionnaires. We select a group of people that represent the general population, and they are not experts or advertising professionals.

Why is the same or very similar ad shown more than once on the same page?
Many ads are aired as multiple versions and we always monitor spend across all of them.  Normally we only test and display one version within a group of closely related variants but sometimes a small difference in content is considered significant enough to warrant testing 2 or more versions. Occasionally near-identical versions may be tested unnecessarily. If you spot exactly the same version displayed more than once in System1 Ad Ratings, in the same market, please contact us and we’ll investigate further.

Why can I not find a particular version of an ad?
We monitor the occurrences and spend of all versions of an ad relevant to the channel(s) covered.  Normally we only test and display one version within a group of closely related variants, to represent that group.  Spend figures displayed are aggregates of the tested ad(s) and any untested close variants.  Usually the tested ad is the first aired / original but may occasionally be a more recent version, especially if the original version was only aired before June 2017.